Katsmom's Puzzle Room

My puzzle adventure.

I began playing with Gilbert's wire puzzles when I was around 6 years old.  I spent a summer holiday with my grandparents, and like any normal 6 year old, I became a bit of a bother.  My grandfather handed me a wire disentanglement puzzle and I have been told I was quiet the rest of the summer.  Everytime I saw him after that, the first thing I did was dig in his pockets to see what new puzzle he had brought me. 

In 1980 my mom brought home a Rubik's cube for me to try.  I was hooked.  We made a deal.  Every time I solved a puzzle she would buy me a new one.  After a couple of months of playing, I "accidentally" broke my cube.  Of course I had to put it back together "solved" and show her.  My next puzzle was a Tomy Pyraminx, followed by a Tower of Babylon.  I don't remember any of the other puzzles she bought me, but I still have fond memories of getting many of them. 

It has been almost 30 years since that first puzzle was given to me, and since that time, 100's of puzzles have passed through my hands.  These pages are chock full of my treasures. 

I have an eclectic collection.  If it taxes my brain, I will attempt it.  If it looks different, I will buy it. If I can solve it, I will love it even more!

I started my daughter young.  She's 18 months old here.